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Basic Math and Pre-Algebra For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Author By : Mark Zegarelli,
Genres : 2016 Mathematics
Publisher : For Dummies,
ISBN-10 : 1119293634
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 13, 2016
File Type : Epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This 2nd edition provides the tips to students to simplify tricky basic math and pre algebra operations. It is perfect solution for the students that are preparing to learn algebra and persons that want to brush up their learning skills in basic math.
This reader friendly guide creates the learning environment with fun. It is equipped with all essential tools that are needed for you to get in gear. It includes the full fledged knowledge starting from the positive, negative, whole numbers to fractions, decimals and percents that will sharpen the necessary skills to handle the advanced topics, imaginary numbers, variables and algebraic equations.
Book has special features that add to the knowledge of students. Various explanations and practical explanations are included in the book that reflects the true image of modern teaching methods. It has the relevant cultural vernacular and references included in it. Material included in this guide match with the current standards and designs.
After studying this effective learning solution that takes intimidation out of trick operations and that enable you to get prepare for the algebra and basic math
Students can get in depth knowledge about the fundamentals of math and algebra by studying dummies.