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Barron’s New GRE, 19th Edition

Author By : Sharon Weiner Green M.A.,
Genres : 2011 Education
Publisher : Barron's Educational Series,
ISBN-10 : 0764146165
Pages : 536
Chapters :
Publish Date : July 1, 2011
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book aimed at the Graduate Record exam pattern and practice manual for the GRE students who are planning or preparing for it. This 19th revised edition is updated with the exam’s new content and pattern to keep students on track.

There are changes in the both sections of verbal and quantitative reason though there are no updates in the section of analytical writing section. In this Barron’s book several model test has been included for the students to prepare along with the changes.

The section of verbal reasoning now revised with the new sentence completion types, sentence equivalence questions for which students have to identify two correct answers to gain credit. Even some new passages of several sentences are added that are to be answered with fill ups up to three. Even the reading comprehensives are added with more than one correct option and few reading questions can be framed by selecting single sentence from the passage

MCQs that have more than one correct answer are added in the quantitative reasoning and all have to be selected for credit and even some numeric entry questions are included for which there is not any answer option available.

So this book enables the students’ intensive practice and goes through all the question types of the exam.