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Auto Repair for Dummies

Author By : Deanna Sclar,
Genres : 2008 Technical
Publisher : For Dummies,
ISBN-10 : 076459902X
Pages : 552
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 17, 2008
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book aimed to make repair at an easy access for everyone as it provides the depth information about the auto repairing. This book make the readers aware about how most roadside emergencies can be prevented with proper maintenance and how to tackle with the problems like flat tire, vapor lock, faulty hoses, and mysterious noises.


It not only provides guidance for the auto repairs but more than that as author has included the information about the wonders of the combustion engine along with different fuels. Even to reduce the today’s severe problem of global warming emphasis has been given to the alternative fuels that can decrease your dependency on the fossil fuels.

Even in the starting of book text has been included for the enhancement of knowledge of the drivers. Tips have been provided for the safety of driver and how to assemble and apart everything with the help of basic tools.

Even readers may have information about principal systems of the vehicle that work to start it and make it run efficiently on road. One can explore each system of maintenance, working and safety in a vehicle. This book provides proper navigations for auto repair of vehicles and to check the fairness of the work done by mechanic at specific cost.