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An introduction to Statistics: An Active Learning Approach Second Edition

Author By : Kieth A. Carlson and Jennifer R. Winquist,
Genres : Mathematics
Publisher : SAGE Publications,
ISBN-10 : 148337873X
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 31, 2017
File Type : Epub, Mobi, Pdf
Language : English
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Quick Overview

The book’s main agenda is to make several changes in the lecturer’s techniques of teaching and the students’ abilities to understand and retain whatever they have been taught. Most times students face the challenge of carrying out and doing their assignments on their own which doesn’t make sense for a true teacher with an objective of passing on knowledge and wisdom to his students.

This book helps students read before the actual classroom activities and preparation for exams in advance. It is mathematical in nature but it is simple in its own way.