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An Introduction to Information Design

Author By : Kathryn Coates,
Genres : 2014 Education
Publisher : Laurence King Publishing,
ISBN-10 :
Pages : 208
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 10, 2014
File Type : Epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

An introduction to the information design provides the visualization of the information with the graphic design. This user friendly guide provides the practical, innovative and informative introduction to the general and important principles of the information design.

It provides the complete and wide view about the fundamental aspects of visual communication with the included chapters about the audience, legibility, readability, structure, media selection and experimentation along with the multi platform delivery. By reading the chapters students can understand about what information is design, how it is useful for the specific audiences, selecting design for the specific median along with inspiration and experimentation though the appropriate media and how to practice this information design for the print, interactive, environmental and multi platform delivery.

Content has been organized with detail explanations and fully illustrated case studies related to the leading designers that provide the professional touch for the challenges involved while creating information design. Even author has provided the useful tips , practical exercises that firm the grip of the concepts while practicing. Even at the end useful references and the glossary is added for the readers to understand the graphic designs in detail that are passionate for designing process and the practice.