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Algebra – The Very Basics

Author By : Metin Bektas,
Genres : 2014 Mathematics
Publisher :
ISBN-10 : B00KMGO544
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Quick Overview

Metin Bektas framed Algebra-The very basics to highlight the importance of the fundaments of the algebra which is branch of mathematics, uses letters in place of some unknown numbers. As the algebra get started in our learning process in the early schooling areas and volumes of rectangle and square.
This book is beneficial for the toddlers of the mathematics that want to know about algebra as it is the ideal solution for the beginners. This book highlights the fundamentals of the algebra with the lots of illustrations and depth explanation. Book is highlighted in the chapters and each chapter contains the exercises and with the solutions.
It is good book for the students even if they does not have the prior knowledge. Important topics of the algebra are included in this book like Exponents, Brackets, Quadratic equations and linear equations. Even for facilitating the students table of contents is also included in the books in increase its accessibility.
It is the quick reference book for the desperate students that want to delve into study of algebra. After attaining the basics of algebra students that have interest in the other fields like calculus and physics can quench their thrust by reading the series of books Math Spots which is provided free eBook Math Shorts- Derivatives which is beneficial for learning the basics of calculations and the probability with the introductory text statically Snacks.