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Accounting For Dummies, 5th Edition

Author By : John A. Tracy CPA,
Genres : 2013 Accounting
Publisher : For Dummies,
ISBN-10 : 1118482220
Pages : 408
Chapters :
Publish Date : March 18, 2013
File Type : EPUB, MOBI
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Accounting for the dummies is the book not only published for the accounting professionals but also for the non accounting professionals. This book features out the information of accounting according the international standards and updates.

It will guides you about inventory management, report income and the expenses for both public and private companies , swot analysis of the business and even profit margins and how to beware about the fraud In the business.

Table of contents of Accounting For Dummies, 5th Edition PDF Download are: 

Content of the book has been categorizes in the 6 parts separately for the ease for learners as they can start with any topic of their interest first as follows

Part I: Opening the Books on Accounting

  • Accounting: The Language of Business, Investing, Finance, and Taxes
  • : Financial Statements and Accounting Standards
  • Keeping the Books

Part II: Exploring Financial Statements

  • : Reporting Profit
  • Reporting Financial Condition
  • Reporting Cash Flows and Changes in Stockholders’ Equity
  • Accounting Alternatives

Part III: Accounting in Managing a Business

  • : Deciding the Legal Structure for a Business
  • Accounting in Managing Profit
  • : Budgeting
  • : Cost Accounting

Part IV: Preparing and Using Financial Reports 

  • : Getting a Financial Report Ready
  • How Lenders and Investors Read a Financial Report
  • : Filling Out the Financial Statements for Business Managers

Part V: The Part of Tens

  • Ten Accounting Tips for Managers
  • : Ten Tips for Reading a Financial Report

Specialties of the book


  • By adopting the approach of little generally accepted accounting principles verses the big separated accounting and financial reporting standards has been given for public and private businesses.
  • Retaining the international financial reporting standards
  • Increase in the restatements of prior issued financial reports by public companies and how these impact the investors
  • Centralized focus on the prevention of financial reporting fraud and expanded role of CPA auditor
  • Problems of accounting with the stock options
  • Employee pensions and health care costs which are unaccounted for businesses
  • Expanded view of small business accounting
  • Updated and upgraded resources for information and the websites.
  • Explained discussion of the topics which are not explained in many books
  • Reader friendly language up to the level of non accounts
  • Synchronized but hierarchy approach for the text.