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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK(R) Guide 5th Edition

Author By : Project Management Institute,
Genres : 2013 Management
Publisher : Project Management Institute,
ISBN-10 : 1935589679
Pages : 589
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 1, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

5th edition enables the readers to learn about the fundamentals of project management that can be applied by the project managers on the real projects. The included theories and concepts are added according to the international recognized standards.

In this edition new concepts are added like 10th knowledge area, project data information and flow of information along with the 4 new planning processes including plan scope management, plan schedule management, cost management and stakeholder management.

The 10th knowledge area focuses on the necessity of engagement of stakeholders in the important decisions and activities. With the use of Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom (DIKW) model in knowledge management to bring more consistency and alignment so the project data information and flow of information have been redefined. So this is user friendly guide can be helpful in project management and corrective flow of information to ensure the best project management plan for the business.