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7 Books by Douglas Clegg

Author By : Douglas Clegg,
Genres : 2001 Fiction Other
Publisher : Subterranean Press,
ISBN-10 : 1931081263
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : September 2001
File Type : PDF, EPub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Here are the seven books of Douglas Clegg

  1. Dark of the Eye

An eleven-year-old Hope Steward eventually got a horrifying accident that left her with extraordinary powers and as of now, she has become the prey of many. With these powers, she can do both good and bad things and it has opened a gate for many ambitious souls one of them is her father who is a scientist and wants to use her as he pleases. Others eyeing for her is a monkey that wants to deliver her to forces that he serves and a government agent who won’t rest until Hope is dead

  1. Goat Dance

There are secrets that lie behind an ancient place called the Goat Dance.  Teddy a girl who must have died in a lake as she was skating with her brother Jake surprisingly survived after something entered her and now a village has to face stand and face the horrifying events

  1. Isis

In this world of unavoidable circumstances, you can imagine what you would do if you once had the power to perform something that you wanted to do. She was born Iris Catherine Villiers but later became Isis after an unimaginable occurrence. Living in a perilous village, Iris lost her older brother who was everything to her and after that; she discovers that she has the powers to talk to the dead

  1. Naomi

Naomi went into the tunnels to finish herself off but later discovered that something was already waiting for her. A man who loves Naomi deeply tries to find her amidst the challenges of the existing world where those expected of witchcraft are killed, a dangerous creature known as the serpent has escaped into the surrounding and a witch holds the secrets of the living in an ancient diary

  1. Purity

On an Island where love, darkness, and human imagination collided, PURITY tells it all to you. Owen watched Jenna grow into a beautiful young lady and at one point where feelings in him are high; he learns that Jenna has a different destination and perhaps might leave. Owen tries to keep her on the Island until she decides not to leave. In no big time, Jimmy, a good tennis star comes in between these two and only series of hatred and darkness are rooted

  1. The Nightmare Chronicles

This is a collection of terror stories where a journalist looks for ultimate evil in an infected zone of India, a young man continues to search for his dead wife, the ancient rituals rise and they are leading to the disappearance of teenage girls and so on

  1. You come when I call you

This epic tale of only terror events will shock you. In Los Angeles, a certain woman is disturbed by visions of the past and somewhere a man walks into a house of torture. In New York City, a cab driver dreams of demons while awake. Somewhere a woman has been brutally sacrificed on the doorsteps of a church. A man who calls himself an angel has returned to take people to a place where two decades earlier, three boys committed a cruel ritual. A lot of horrifying and tragic events are told in this book